About Sanmeet Kaur Seminars and Workshops.

About Sanmeet Kaur - Motivational Speaker in Delhi

Sanmeet Kaur is a Motivational Speaker in India, Life Coach and is well known as “ Customer’s Doot”. She is the founder of Sunson Trainings. She creates energy in her sessions and participants remain enthusiastic throughout the program through her experiential form of training. She has conducted In-house training program for a number of Corporates, NGO’s, Schools, Management Colleges, Govt. & Semi Govt Agencies. Driven by her passion to connect with her audience, she delivers powerful messages in her session resulting in to empower them Her passion to make powerful change in individual life, lets her chose to become a Motivational Speaker and a trainer. She is Counseling /Coaching people for the last 12 years . Over the years, Sanmeet Kaur has helped more than 50000 individuals to understand their personal & professional strength & help them to identify their week area and improve them . The most popular program include :

  • How to be Customer’s Hero (Customer Satisfaction Programme)
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Campus to Corporate
  • A New You (Personal / Professional)
  • A New You, Redesign Your Life.
These programs are specially designed by our multi-level marketing motivational speaker to make the participants successful in all walks of life ie Career, Personal & Professional


Sanmeet Kaur Seminars and Workshops.

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